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The Great Lakes Company

Perform an analysis of the social/Demographic, Technological, Economic, Environmental/Geographic, and Political/Legal/Governmental segments to understand the general environment facing Great Lakes. Describe how Great Lakes will be affected by each of these external factors There were alarming statistics about leaded gasoline. It was said to have a lot of effects on people and society as a whole. This is as far as their health is concerned. For instance, it caused blood pressure and other health risks to adults and on the other hand, affected their body systems.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on The Great Lakes Company specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Children were also greatly affected. This can be explained from the fact that they absorb large amounts of ingested lead in their bodies. Also, children in developing countries ended up having low intelligence. In other countries like Egypt, it caused a lot of heart a ttacks and in extreme cases premature deaths. As a result of this, there was a lot of international attention and pressure. Many experts started advocating for lead to be phased and in the process reduce lead poisoning. On the other hand, it was also meant to reduce human exposure to lead. This will force the company to devise better ways of involving all stakeholders to come up with a long term solution. On the other hand, the company will continually be blamed for any health complications. Technologically, many cars in developing countries are still using leaded gasoline. This means that they have not embraced technology well to come up with better ways of eliminating lead as an additive. As much as this is being advocated for, the demand for leaded gasoline is still high. Also, Great Lakes did not anticipate that it will have to deal with this issue in any way because of such complexities. This can be explained from the fact that other developing countries don’t have refin eries to produce unleaded gas. On the other hand, most cars don’t have catalytic converters. Leaded gasoline has been said to have a lot of environmental effects. For instance, it has adverse effects on the quality of air. It is extremely harmful. Lead particles are inhaled in air and absorbed by the soil. As a result, environmental groups have been putting pressure on the company to stop selling leaded gasoline.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Most of these environmentalists have been arguing that the company should ban TEL by 2010. This seems to be unrealistic because developing countries can’t refine unleaded gas. On the other hand, it has forced the company to commit itself to a lot of environmental responsibilities. There is a suggestion that the company should use profits from Octel to transit away from TEL. The company admits that although lead additive is its greatest money maker, it is still harmful to the environment. This has forced Great Lakes to agree that the eventual elimination of leaded gas line is necessary. Should the company stop the production of leaded gasoline, many countries will be affected. This is because most of them have not made a transition from the use of leaded gasoline to unleaded gasoline. Most governments lack regulation on the way forward as far as leaded gasoline is concerned. This can be explained from the fact that many developing nations have not been able to eliminate lead as an additive. Any positive developments in the elimination of lead as an additive have been overshadowed by lead problems in most developing nations. This has put the company in a tricky position as they are not certain on the way forward. Demand for leaded gasoline is still high, and the company can not just discontinue production without a clear path to follow. Analyze the lead additives industry in the US using the five fo rces of competition model. Describe the impact of each of the five forces on the industry and based on this analysis, determine if the industry is attractive or unattractive The external environment is very tricky and unpredictable in that case. This is because the lead additives industry is being blamed for many environmental problems. Environmentalists want it banned by 2010.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on The Great Lakes Company specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The industry environment, on the other hand, is very flexible as many companies are reinventing themselves to produce less harmful products. There is no competition in the industry as most of them have switched to other products. This industry is attractive because there is a lot of demand from developing countries (Hitt et al., 2010, 8). This industry is attractive based on good returns that Great Lakes’ has continued to get. It will continue being attractive because of the high demand for lead additives from developing countries. These nations don’t have the necessary refineries to refine leaded gasoline. This is a very lucrative industry in the short run as later on people will move to unleaded gasoline. For a company to survive in this industry, it needs a good strategy. This means that more attention should be paid on environmental issues and in the long run transit to unleaded gasoline as technology is moving in that direction. The lead additives industry has the necessary assets and skills to transit and engages in more environmentally conscious activities. For instance, it is argued that it will be less costly for Great Lakes to transit from producing leaded additives. The industry has the necessary resources to attract the best skills that will help it to come up with the best way forward.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Strategy implementation will not be a problem because there is a general good will to help the industry move forward (Hitt et al., 2010, 13). This means that all stakeholders will have to be involved in proper strategy implementation. On the other hand, governments are committed to ensuring that they enhance the use of unleaded gasoline. As long as developing countries don’t find a better solution to enhance their refineries, the lead additives industry will still register high returns. This is because most vehicles in those countries are still using leaded gasoline. Describe who Great Lakes’ immediate, impeding and invisible competitors are and how Great Lakes measures up against these competitors Ethyl Corporation (which bought Dow chemical) is Great Lakes immediate competitor. In the early stages, the company was able to maintain its top presence in the business. Great Lakes’ has continued to develop and produce a variety of specialty products for the market. The National lead company is also another competitor. Although there is a lot of demand for leaded gasoline in developing countries, the company does not have any impending and invisible competitors. This is because its major competitors are no longer involved in the production of tetraethyl lead (TEL). Tetraethyl lead is the additive for gasoline. The company has continued to flourish in all scenarios thereby controlling 90% of the market. This market has not attracted a lot of competitors because of numerous environmental issues. Such trends are expected to continue because of large capital costs. This is in terms of building new plants and a lot of unsavory publicity. The company faces competition from other chemical producers. To remain more competitive, it has continued to develop and produce a variety of chemicals for sustainability. Describe the main capabilities of Great Lakes The company can continue supplying lead additives to other developing countries. This is for the f oreseeable future as demand is expected to remain high. Also, competition is expected to be minimal. On the other hand, the company has the capabilities to increase its profits in the long run. This is because developing countries will only switch to unleaded gasoline when it’s economically feasible for them to do so. Great Lakes’ is still in a better position to ensure that it adheres to good environmental practices. This is because environmental concerns have continued to be raised against the company thereby affecting its operations in a broad way. A lot of responsibilities have been put on the company to bring about these environmental changes. The company can still get out of lead additives production and rescue its reputation. In this case, it will be able to take a big financial hit. On the other hand, the company can phase out its participation in the market place. This can be done with a five-year deadline. Also, it is also in a good position to push developin g countries to switch to unleaded gasoline. Reference List Hitt, M., Ireland, D., Hoskisson, R. (2010). Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases: Competitiveness and Globalization. USA: South Western Educational Publishing. This report on The Great Lakes Company was written and submitted by user Hudson Mejia to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Exploitation of Canadian Abori essays

Exploitation of Canadian Abori essays Exploitation of the Canadian Aboriginal The Plains Natives of Canada, two major tribes being the Cree and the Blackfoot, faced many obstacles in their pre-treaty days. These obstacles made them more open to a change in life-style proposed to them by the inflow of Europeans to the West of Canada, Native land. Although these propositions seemed to be the answer to their problems, more issues arose then the Plains People were capable of dealing with. The largest issue was the onset of cultural shock due to the assimilation into European culture, and the loss of their traditions and identities. In order to understand the reasons why the Natives of Western Canada felt obligated to sign a treaty that would end traditional life-styles, it is imperative to first consider the restraints that they were facing pre-treaty. Basically, the Plains Indians were nomadic, and relied heavily on their primary source for food and utilities. This treasured animal was the buffalo. Upon the introduction of horses and guns by European traders, hunting buffalo became easy and successful. The unfortunate effect of these untraditional hunts, was the disappearance of this food source. Also, Non-Natives contributed to this exhaustion of buffalo by hunting for hides. "Non-Native hunters were particularly objectionable: they used repeating rifles to kill countless buffalo for their hides, and they poisoned the carcasses with strychnine to destroy wolves so that they could obtain these animals too." (Ray, p.210) This, of course, had major repercussions for the Plains Natives, who were in desp erate need to find a new way of survival. The Europeans entered this scene with a solution to the Native's dwindling food source. They brought with them the techniques of farming and ranching, which they offered to teach the Plains People. "One of the major feature of Treaty 7 that distinguished it from the previous numbered treaties was the commitment by the...

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Three Ways Social Shares Can Mean More Money For Writers

Three Ways Social Shares Can Mean More Money For Writers The statistical value of your work published online (social shares) matters more than ever. Pay attention to how your articles are socially redistributed, shared, and liked. Shivani Sharma, CEO of Firefly Creative Inc. stated in a  Software Advice  article for tech-savvy marketers and business owners  that businesses should look for  freelance writers who know how to write content  that engages the target audience. What does this mean for you as a freelancer? It means its time you leveraged those social shares, or the impact, of your articles to increase your future income. To get started, learn how to collect your social shares data: 1. Use spreadsheets Excel or Google Docs should work fine. In your spreadsheet, list your published articles in the first column, then assign a column for each social media share option, i.e. Facebook shares, likes, Twitter shares, LinkedIn likes, blog comments, Google + shares, and other platforms that show on the share buttons of the site youve published on. Update this document at least monthly. 2. Use This free platform for writers can help you showcase a collection of your Now that you have your data, use the data to increase your income: 1. Ask for a raise from current clients Asking for a rate increase carries the risk of losing a client, but now that you have data to back up your demand, you can prove how your articles helped their site and more importantly, their business. For this particular purpose, you could track the articles youve written for that clients site alone and show how your influence becomes theirs. 2. Justify (or negotiate) your rates with potential clients Potential clients will haggle for lower rates. Next time you negotiate your rate, use your social shares data to show the impact of your work on websites and businesses youve already written for. You have the numbers to show your value, proof of what you accomplished for other websites which reflects on what you can do for the potential client. Show them youre a business investment instead of just a writing expense. 3. Attract better paying clients Lastly, use data to analyze which articles did well and why. Review the ones receiving the most engagement. What words did you use in your headline? Did you share personal stories or interview experts? Was the topic unique or controversial? Then pitch a guest post to medium or big sites, writing the post with the same style and tone you used in your most engaging articles. Just remember to follow the guidelines of the site youre guest posting on. The types of post that receive the most shares are almost the same as reported With social sharing we see the effect our words have on readers and use it to improve our craft. But it can also be our means to earning more income.

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Conflicting Situation at Work Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Conflicting Situation at Work - Term Paper Example The need is to understand where it has crept up from and what related measures could be taken to avoid it in the first place (Boles, 2011). One such conflicting situation came about when recently one of the employees had a rift with his boss. This problem caused the entire department to lose focus for quite a while. Indeed this was getting into something big until the top management realized the gravity of the situation and intervened to bring to an end the entire issue. The amicable solution was found through understanding and logic which prevailed in entirety. The need was to discern where the two employees were doing just too much pushing and pulling, which was unthinkable on the part of the other employees and the management in essence. There was an air of suspicion which existed within the realms of these two employees who were not even on the same level. The conflicting situation came about when the boss ordered his subordinate to comply with his orders time and again. The subo rdinate did not agree with what the boss had to suggest and carried on with his own undertakings and tasks in the office. The result was very serious as it turned out to be. The two of them got into an argument and started to abuse one another for doing nothing all day long. The boss was surprised that the subordinate had the guts in him to get up to him and speak out loud and that too in front of just about everyone in the office. The actions that the management took under such settings were of dire consequence as it had to intercept within this quagmire which had developed with the passage of time. The senior bosses called these two employees who were essentially boss and subordinate, and thus worked in the same department. They were asked to give their side of the story and thus tell who of the two was wrong amongst them. It was obvious that both of them hurled claims on the other party to be labeled as the guilty one. This ended up in stalemate and both were ordered to leave the office within the shortest time since they were sentenced to two weeks suspensions. The problem was made bigger than it was in the beginning. The subordinate was very abusive and used to hurl slang language and jokes on the boss and the boss had found this out through other employees. The boss was also adamant that since he was senior to the subordinate, his say should have been more important. My perception was that this situation was not handled properly right from the onset. It meant that the employees were not being managed adequately well by the management domains. The need of the hour was such that the employees should have been apprised of the consequences before they indulged into one such rift. Their attitudes would have been better had they known what was in store for them and how they had to handle things in a proper manner. Sadly, this did not come about as such and there were problems for both of them as well as the employees who worked with them or around them in one or the other capacity. I believe that the boss would have let the human resource management department handle things on their own since this would have been the better thing to do in such a scenario. It would have served the cause of the two and taken into consideration the abuse factor which was raised by the subordinate that was simply unwanted and uncalled for (Harrison, 2006).  

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Human Behavior in Organizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Human Behavior in Organizations - Essay Example The work environment at JetBlue was such that it espoused the importance of team culture within its environs. Ardently against the unionization of its employees because they believed this be divisive, they came up with employee packages that was tailor-fitted to the employee's needs but which still operated on the standard of equality. Having a varied workface and aiming to employ at least 5000 employees by 2004, the company works well within the statutes of the national labor laws by ensuring that its employees are not discriminated against by their gender, sex, color, religion or national origin in accordance with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They have even gone the extra mile beyond what the Equal pay Act of 1963 was asking by ensuring that part-time employees received medical, 401K, profit sharing and double pay if they work on holidays (Gittel and O'Reilly, 2001, p. 11). In emphasizing safety as on e of the core values of JetBlue, they have assured that they work w ell within the standards set by the US Department of Labor in the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH Act) whereby the safety of employees are assured by following set standards to ensure that employers are providing safe and healthful workplaces. This is emphasized further in the company orientation where Ann Rhoades tells employees that to be safe and to provide safe service to its customers, employees should be free of drugs and alcohol. JetBlue's airplanes were also the first national carrier to install bulletproof, dead bolted cockpit doors on all of its aircraft, even before the Federal Aviation Administration mandated it after the aftermath of September 11 (Judge 2001). Because JetBlue is highly selective about its hiring process (they hired only 1,700 people out of the 100,000 that applied in 2003 (Salter 2004)) and also of the fact that at JetBlue, they value an individual's 'fit' within the company, promotions have to be done through the use of in-house talent. In fact, JetBlue's management team had been established with a modified from of internal recruitment in that Neeleman hired people who were already very familiar with the industry. Another example is when JetBlue's pilots, felt happy enough with their posts that they recruited their friends from other companies. However, like all other companies JetBlue still undergoes the regular hiring process of advertising for talent to join its pool of workers (external recruitment method). A single local advertisement for recruitment agents in Salt Lake City generated a waiting list of 2,500 interested applicants. These people, like the rest of the other applicants JetBlue screens, go through a thor ough process of interviews and a committee of these interviewers have to agree with one another before they hire someone. The effect of these internal and external recruitment methods of JetBlue is to thoroughly ensure that they find the right people for the jobs that they are offering. Hiring people from within the aviation industry as in the case of JetBlue's management team ensured that these people were already well versed with the industry's comings and goings. Dave Barger their

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Domestic Politics and International Relations Essay Example for Free

Domestic Politics and International Relations Essay I. International relations as venerable subject. A. People were studying international relations before there were nations. B. Kautilya, Sun Tzu, Thucydides, and Herodotus were the first philosophers and scientists to write about international relations more than 2,500 years ago. C. The key fundamental law of international relations states that politics is rooted in domestic affairs. D. The moral law causes people to remain subjected to their ruler and moral law restrains the use of force. II. Methods to investigate the history of international relations are combining logic and evidence, mathematical method and statistical analysis. A. The method of combining logic and evidence or case studies. 1. Knowledge of international relations will be improved. 2. The path to insight is to analyze individual events or, in other words, to develop a case study. 3. Case studies are effective in evaluating the verisimilitude between the theory and practice (action). B. Statistical analysis suggests aims at investigating general patterns among the cases and examines large numbers of events. 1. Predicted patterns should include the probability distribution across the outcomes, not across deterministic results. 2. The method uncovers ideas and key points about the general orderliness of the origin of international relations. 3. In contrast to case study approach, statistical method probes the generality of the hypothesis under investigation, as well as its extreme validity. C. Mathematical analysis ensures internal consistency in arguments about complex relations about variables. 1. Mathematics is claimed to be the best tool for pursuing logical analysis of the complex problems as the alternative contains greater ambiguity and imprecision in meaning. 2. Still many scientists denounce the importance of mathematical method in learning international relations as they argue that ‘the interesting problems of politics are too complex to be reduced to mathematical equations’, but mathematics is exact when dealing with complex problems. 3. Mathematical approach is necessary for linking case study and archival techniques. III. Fundamental insight in the nature of international affairs through effectiveness and combination of key methods. A. Case studies should be facilitated because of their nature unique and not indicative of general laws. B. Productive collaboration with colleagues should be encouraged by combing mathematical, statistical and formal methods. C. The benefits of case studies are well-known, whereas the benefits of logical and mathematical methods are still under debate. D. Nowadays, all three methodologies are used for evaluation how international relations are shaped to domestic politics.

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Supremacist Ideologies in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness Essay

Supremacist Ideologies in Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness colludes with the ethnocentric attitude of Europeans towards the native people of Africa. At the turn of the century, European imperialism was viewed as "a crusade worthy of this century of progress" by King Leopold of Belgium. Although Conrad was critical of imperialism, his novella reveals to the reader an undeniable Victorian provenance. It endorses cultural myths of the period and reinforces the dominant ideology of the British gentleman. Its Victorian provenance is revealed in the representation of race, which is constructed through the character Marlow. His powerful narrative viewpoint reinforces what Chinua Achebe called Europe's "comforting myths" about Africa and Africans. The text consistently constructs black people as 'other'. This is achieved primarily by Marlow, who acts to construct the natives from the vantage point of the British gentleman. When he "looked at them", he searched not only for their "impulses, motives, capacities" but also for restraint, a value that he champions throughout the retelling of his story. When he can't find it, he remarks "Restraint? What possible restraint?" Marlow's first encounter with the natives is at the Outer Station, where his ambivalence towards them is foregrounded by his obsession with the miraculously efficient first-class agent. The natives are effectively dehumanised because they are presented as nothing more than "black shadows" and "acute angles"; and Marlow is far more interested in the fact that the accountant kept his books in "apple-pie order" than with the dying black men outside. Similarly, when Marlow stumbles across "a middle-aged negro, with a bullet-hole in the... ...t inexorably associates the continent and its people with darkness. We have the natives described as "black shapes", "strings of dusty niggers" and "a whirl of black limbs". This imagery also often associates Africans with supernatural evil. Near the Inner Station: "A black figure stood up, strode on long black legs, waving long black arms, across the glow. It had horns... some sorcerer, some witch-man, no doubt; it looked fiend-like enough" The African landscape is not only culpable for Kurtz's wrongs, but it is also a place of darkness and of evil, a place of paganism, with "the throb of drums, the drone of weird incantations"; a place of "lurking death", cannibalism, disease and insanity - all of Marlow's reality is filtered through the European consciousness, and all of his narrative serves to endorse European supremacist ideologies.